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How much of the worsening decline in America's culture and politics comes from the two major  partisan parties? Their 'polarization' in 2021 is now at its worst level in 150 years, dragging American society down into the 'politics of hate.' [Below is VoteView's 150-yr data graph]:

Are you a concerned citizen upset by the chronic legal corruption and 48 straight years of growing extremism in American politics? Then 'walk-away' from the two major partisan parties to become either: 1). an independent-thinking, non-partisan voter, or 2). an open-minded bipartisan voter.  Non-partisans are already America's largest, fastest-growing political group as extremists in both major partisan parties chase away their independent-thinkers. [Below is a 70-yr graph of rising partisan extremism and a 20-year graph of the shrinking two partisan parties]:

If you are a moderate centrist who does want to be in a political party, (conservative Democrat, liberal Republican, or lite-Libertarian) and are worried by the extremism in your partisan party, then re-register into America's only bipartisan political party of open-minded, conscientious voters: The FreedomReform (FRE) party. In contrast to the politics of hate in partisan polarization, the politics of bipartisanship is grounded in the emotional maturity of 'let's shake hands and agree to disagree.' Open-minded, bipartisan politics is grounded in civility, co-operation, and mutual respect. The free choice is yours: what kind of citizen do you want to be?

Please enjoy reading our website. If you have questions, send us an email. If you found anything personally useful or valuable in the FRE effort to reform American politics, please write to us and offer your opinions. If you decide to join FRE, we have Zoom calls every Sunday at 4:00 PM, PST.

The 'walk-away' from narrow-minded partisan parties (with their closed-mind extremists) and toward either independent-thinking non-partisanship or open-minded bipartisanship feels like taking a warm shower, like throwing open the windows to let in some clean, fresh air. To help make that clean, warm feeling into a personal reality, the map below is for your consideration.

Click on your State below for a link to appear, in order to register as a 'walk-away' non-partisan voter. We can register in the bipartisan FreedomReform (FRE) party after a State qualifies FRE:

Nine States have no on-line Registration: AR, CO, ME, MS, MT, ND, OK, SD, TX

States which permit voters to register in the FRE party: AK, NV (others soon)

States which register voters, but not in any political party: AL, GA, IN
States where laws/courtesy necessitate that FRE be known as 'FRE Bipartisan Party': CA, FL, IL

Complex State laws often necessitate local citizens contact FRE to form a FRE party in their State. To contact FRE: call (775) 599-9777, or email:, or mail to P.O. Box 8212, U. of Nevada, Reno, NV 89507




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